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Does Your Website Keep Up With Your Brand? Use This Website Branding Checklist

Your website is important for your brand Your brand is an active business asset that requires careful management. Brand value is derived from the culmination of all consumer touch points. This means that in order to maximize brand value, you need to ensure all channels provide a consistent brand experience. This includes your website. Ignoring your […]

Build a Healthy Brand: Take Your Brand From Good to Great

A Healthy Brand is more than just a name and a logo. The best brands are living, breathing entities. A brand can become a company’s most valuable business asset. When effectively managed, brands don’t depreciate. Brands can also become a truly unmatched source of differentiation. There are few ways to provide inimitable differentiation today, and a brand is […]

Importance of Brand Positioning in the Age of Healthcare Consumerism

Positioning for Healthcare Consumerism Healthcare companies who understand the rising importance of healthcare consumerism know that product and brand positioning is critical. Pressure to reduce healthcare costs has shifted the focus toward consumers. Patients play a role in managing their health inside and outside of the healthcare setting. Targeting patients and effectively engaging them requires […]

4 Ways To Awaken Brand Passion In Customer Relationships

Everybody likes to say that they’re focused on customers, but in reality there are few companies who actually deliver on this promise – are you one of them? The Healthy Brand goes beyond simply satisfying a customer’s need and works to have a healthy relationship. Brand affection must be earned. This isn’t just about the fuzzy, warm […]

5 Tips for Managing Your Social Media Accounts: Brand Consistency is Key

Social Media is a great tool for increasing brand awareness, but many companies are not taking full advantage of opportunities to build brand equity because their social channels are not branded and lack consistency. Social media consistency is key to building brand recognition because it means that customers are able to recognize your brand across many platforms, both […]