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Content Before Design: 4 Steps to Better Websites

Content Strategy Is Necessary for Successful Web Design If you’re in the process of building or redesigning a website, developing a content strategy before designing your website is critical. Content strategy keeps your website anchored to the most important things, so you can deliver a user experience that meets their needs and business goals. You don’t need […]

Running a Brand Marathon: How Healthy Brands Build Endurance

Healthy Brands Require Continuous Effort Successful brands are not the product of a one-time effort but are living, breathing entities that require maintenance in order to stay relevant. How Healthy Brands Gain Awareness, Attention, and Favor Healthy brands are built upon strong brand platforms. They have meaningful core values that resonate with the target audience. They have a […]

Digital Strategy: What Your Website Needs

Consumers are online and marketers need to prioritize digital brand touch points. Most companies understand that they need to have some kind of digital presence, but what does a healthy brand look like online? Is it okay to just have a web page? Does your company need to utilize social media to connect with consumers? How does your online presence […]

The Empowered Patient: 5 Ways Social Media Makes Patients Stronger

The growth of the Internet and the rise of social networks have changed the way we communicate, interact, find information, shop, learn, and more, including the way we learn about healthcare pharmaceuticals and medical devices The number of groups that have grown around specific issues in healthcare is astounding. Hashtags help categorize conversations within social […]

Email Marketing Rules Every Marketer Must Know

Email marketing may not be the trendiest marketing tactic right now, but it still works. Email is where you warm your leads up for a potential sale. If you’re using social media for lead generation, completing the nurturing process through email can be very effective. If you want to generate leads, convert leads, and develop a […]

Health Marketers Embrace Digital + Creativity But There’s Room to Grow

Healthcare companies understand the need to reach consumers in new ways. They’re utilizing digital channels and executing more creative, emotionally driven campaigns. Companies have a business priority to build relationships with consumers through both HCP marketing and DTC marketing. The old ways of growing a brand through an army of sales reps and doctor relationships are […]

6 Kinds Of Healthcare Websites That Fail Patients and How To Fix It

1. Healthcare websites that don’t have any patient-specific content. The Problem: In today’s healthcare business you can’t afford to ignore patients. With healthcare reform changes, patients are key stakeholders because of their growing influence on healthcare purchasing decisions. How to Fix It: Put a tab in your main navigation that is dedicated to patients and provide information […]