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Educating Customers With Interactive Sales Tools

Forrester forecasts that 1 million U.S. B2B salespeople will lose their jobs to self-service eCommerce by the year 2020. The B2B customer of today overwhelmingly prefers to research on their own and ultimately to buy products and services via a self-service website. Pair that with the fact that the average adult attention span has dropped from 12 […]

10 Ways To Rise Above The Noise At Your Next Trade Show

For many brands, trade shows offer the most valuable marketing opportunities they have all year. That’s why we have provided a trade show checklist to help prepare your brand to rise above the noise. Here are 10 key things your brand should consider when preparing for a trade show: First things first, you need to […]

21 Important Website Redesign Questions and Answers

HubSpot recently released a blog on “90 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Website Redesign”. There, they laid out pretty much every question you would want to ask your marketing, sales, and design teams, before deciding to redesign your website. With so many web design and development questions to consider, we thought our San Diego […]

The 14 Components of a Brand Platform

Every company, including yours, needs a brand platform to establish the brand and guide all branding and marketing decisions. There are many reasons why your brand plays a role in overall company success. You may be asking, what is the definition of a brand platform? For marketers, the brand platform and brand positioning strategy is the foundation for every […]

3 Tips For A More Effective Direct To Consumer Marketing Campaign

To understand which approach works best, we must first ask the question: What is a direct to consumer marketing campaign? A direct to consumer (DTC) campaign involves promoting a product or service directly from the seller to consumer, cutting out any middleman along the way, allowing the brand to build a direct relationship with their customers. […]

5 Myths About Branding

People constantly use the term “branding,” and it is often misunderstood or confused with advertising. Here are 5 branding myths that every business owner should know: A brand is a company’s name and logo. A logo and name mean nothing by itself. The logo and name are just representations of the brand as a whole. The entire […]

How To Convince Your C-Suite That You Need A Rebrand

It takes just one-tenth of a second for a person to analyze someone or something and make a first impression. Furthermore, we as humans base our whole lives around appearances. From the cars we choose to buy, the outfits we opt to wear, who we choose to date, where we choose to live, why we […]