Demand Generation Strategy

At its core, Demand Generation encompasses the entire gamut of marketing programs that drive awareness and create demand for your company’s products or services. Unlike lead generation where your end goal is getting an audience to submit their registration information, usually an email address or a phone number in exchange for the content you provide, demand generation is all about creating a demand for your product or service by providing relevant and interesting content.

Demand Generation starts by identifying and qualifying prospective customers through content and inbound marketing, direct response, email campaigns, as well as events, before passing these leads to a nurturing team. This team then further qualifies these prospects through scoring systems depending on the stage at which the prospect is in the conversion funnel, before ultimately passing these highly qualified, nurtured leads onto the sales team. Need help with your demand generation or lead generation strategy? Contact ParkerWhite’s San Diego marketing specialists for a no-hassle 15 minute demand generation consult.